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The TDflash is a new pre-concentrating system for Gas Chromatography (GC) enabling thermal desorption of organic pollutants:

  • its cryogenic adsorption trap enables light compounds detection such as Butane or Freons.
  • being set up right on the GC injector, with no transfer line, it also allows heavy molecules detection: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Pentadecane and so on.



Functional specifications:

    • TDflash is a user friendly instrument, with control by touch screen computer.
    • Besides, desorption is really efficient, with no cross contamination and no memory effect: no COV signal on a second analysis of a given tube, and a recovery rate close to 100%.


Technical specifications:


Absorbing tubesGlass 160 mm x 6 mm OD, filled with Tenax® TA 60/80
Detection limit100 ppt
Desorption ovenAluminum, 50°C/min, 260°C max
Cryogenic trapFused silica capillary tube 0.53 mm, 33°C/sec, 260°C max
CoolingLiquid Nitrogen, down to -190°C
Temperature stability+/- 1°C
Desorption flow1 – 20 mL/min
InterfaceTouch screen
Power230VAC / 50Hz
Maximum load0.5kW
Control box dimensions (L x D x H)290 x 300 x 270 mm
Control box weight5.2 kg
Injector dimensions (L x D x H)160 x 150 x 520 mm
Injector weight5.1 kg


TDflash technology

Download further information on the TDflash technology by clicking on that link.


    • The software that we developed provides very convenient control of the instrument for the user.  Moreover, the communication with the GC is really easy (homemade “GC start” wire) and the temperature curves can be saved, enhancing data traceability.
    • This software can be set up either on a standard computer, either on an electronic controller with touch-screen based operations.




Software screenshot (click to enlarge).




 TDflash applications: