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Continuous online analyzer of process gases. The SOLYZE instrument provides a broadband detection in real time. It detects most light gases, even in small concentrations. It is especially well suited for the detection of H2 and for monitoring corrosive gases.

Thanks to a small ion trap, the overall instrument size and weight are minimized. Rugged and transportable, SOLYZE can be placed wherever you want, for example directly on the analyzed process line. Besides, the computer can be deported from the instrument as far as 3 meters away.

SOLYZE features:

  • Real time measurements.
  • Easy connection to your processes.
  • Quantification by simple single gas calibration.
  • Particularly suitable for solar and chip industry production monitoring.


Functional specifications




Electron Impact: the standard method for mass spectrometry analysis.





Mass range1-145u, 1-300u available as an option
Mass resolution150 typical, 100 minimum
Response time∿ 80 ms
Dynamic range2 decades for single scan, >3 decades with averaging


Detection limit


100 ppm with averaging.



Analytical capacities


Well-suited for detecting a wide range of gases:

  • Corrosive gases such as SiF4, HF or C2F6.
  • H2.
  • Ambient air.
  • And many other gases!


Possible quantification by calibration curves.                           


Technical specifications


Ionic trap
Mass separator type Autoresonant ion trap
Detector typeContinuous dynode electron multiplier
Filament Single Yttrium coated iridium
Turbomolecular pump70L.s-1
Operating pressure rangeOptimal performance at 2x10-7 Torr in the Trap.
Sampling partsDouble pressure drop from the sample pressure
1st pressure drop Down to ~10mbar, realized using a chemical primary pump.
Continuous flowGas introduced in the instrument at ~30 mL/min (and thermostated after the first pressure drop)
Size (WxDxH)50x50x70
WeightApproximately 65 kg
On wheel
Operating temperature0°C to 50°C
Electrical characteristics230Vac, 50Hz, max.1A




The SOLYZE software:


It enables controlling the different elements (pumps, heating, valves, analyzer and so on) as well as viewing the obtained data.


  • A real time spectrum is available at any time displaying peaks of the analyzed compounds.

Logiciel spectre

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  • A trend graph is also available, showing the intensity or the concentration -when calibration curves are available- of the compounds/peaks previously defined.

Logiciel trend graph

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  • The targeted compounds can also be updated by the user in the library.



The SOLYZE device was created in the frame of the DEMOSOLNOWAT European Union Research project. This collaborative project aimed to demonstrate at an industrial scale the viability of a dry process alternative for the Solar Photovoltaic cell industry. Further information about this project is available by clicking on that link.




SOLYZE applications: