An important part of the activity in our company is dedicated to R&D work  (internal or collaborative projects).


Internal R&D 

The goal of the internal R&D is to continuously improve our analyzers and to find new application fields.

Our main development priorities are:

  • Improvment of the analyzer sensitivity.
  • Development of accessories for our products such as on line sample preconcentration tools, sampling gas multiplexing system, …
  • Optimization of sampling methods (gas/liquids/solids) and analytical methods.



R&D projects 

AlyXan is and has always been actively involved in many collaborative research projects with public or private partners such as: DGA, Nines company or the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. For each project, AlyXan uses all its instrumentation and analysis skills to find innovative solutions.




The company has taken part in the DEMOSOLNOWAT project, an european work in collaboration with Nines Photovoltaics and ZS-Handling companies. The aim of this project was to develop an alternative solar photovoltaïc cells production system at an industrial scale by using dry corrosive gas (difluor) to do the etching step. This new method will reduce the water consumption and Global Warming Potential (GWP) emissions during cell industry process by using non GWP gases.

Our task was to develop an analyzer able to resist to corrosive gases, allow a continuous gas monitoring and emit alarms when the concentration fluctuates in order to indicate a production system problem. This project has lead to the creation of the SOLYZE instrument now commercialized by AlyXan. It can be used for other applications such as corrosive gas detection or hydrogen monitoring.

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Plaspams (PLASmas Pour l’Analyse en MAsse des Surfaces) is a project started in 2014 whose aim is to develop a portable instrument for field analysis on surfaces. This instrument will have to provide reliable results in few minutes for a great amount of low volatil chemical compounds (narcotics, explosives) at low concentration  (trace) but also to allow air volatile compounds detection (VOC, toxic chemicals).

For this project AlyXan company works in collaboration with two other CNRS research laboratories (LPGP and LCP, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay) to develop  an instrument that combines surface molecule desorption by cold plasma spray and mass spectrometer allowing real time traces detection in air. In the analyzer ions will be generated by chemical ionisation and detected by a radiofrequence linear trap.

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  • SVEH


AlyXan is involved in the SVEH project (Station de Vigilance des Eaux Hospitalières), a collaborative work lead by Watchfrog company (Evry, Essonne).  The aim of this project is to develop hospital waste water surveillance in order to control drug residues in effluents. A monitoring station  will be set up, allowing a continuous effluents surveillance thanks to biological and chemical measurements.

In this project AlyXan uses its analysis and instrumentation skills to adapt the BTrap instrument to the project. The instrument has to make analysis on liquid samples with drugs (VSOC) and solvents (VOC).  An instrumental development and an optimisation work on protocols and analysis methods are needed in this project.