Applications for the material analyses 

Real-time measurements of VOCs emitted/adsorbed by materials


Characterization of materials:cigarette-110849_640

Coupling the BTrap analyzer to a thermogravimetric analyzer, an emission/adsorption chamber or simply to an oven, enables a much more comprehensive characterization of materials (e.g. ageing, toxicity linked to its lifecycle, repurposing) than with the systems classically used.

BTrap benefits for materials analyses:

  • Broadband detection: tens of compounds detected simultaneously.
  • Real-time analyses: one measurement by second.


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Typical applications:


Ageing of materials: in order to study a material behaviour over time and different thermal conditions it can be degraded (thermally, by photons, by radioactive radiations and so on) to simulate its ageing. It is then essential to measure the many VOCs emitted simultaneously by the material in a dynamic, exhaustive and quantitative way; to better understand the mechanisms of this degradation.


The BTrap coupled with an oven.


Emissions and adsorptions of a material:


  • Emissions:

    the materials degassing is partly responsible for indoor air bad quality in restricted areas (building, laboratory) or confined spaces (submarine, car interior). This therefore require innovative reformulation of your materials. The BTrap enables comprehensive measurement of the emissions of a material (e.g. glues, paints, food packaging, putties) to simply and easily characterize the toxicity linked to its lifecycle.

  • Adsorptions: new techniques of air pollution control are based on the adsorption properties of materials or their coatings. Similarly, the BTrap measurement enables assessing the efficacity of those methods.

Repurposing of a material: the BTrap can be placed on an assembly, pilot or a process line.This is in the aim of characterizing/controlling the repurposing -energetic for instance- of a material: biomass products, wastes, water treatment plants sludges and so on.


Other applications:

    • Roasting of coffee and cocoa beans
    • Smokes characterization: cigarette (combustion) and electronic cigarette, bitumen…


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