Laboratory analysis

The experts of AlyXan can perform analysis of your samples in our laboratory.


A service suited to your needs: Our experts will optimize methods and sampling protocols according to the nature of the sample, the amount of material available or even the traget compounds. It is for example possible to set up a material characterization system in our lab (Learn more: download AlyXanServices / materials booklet –Only available in French at the moment. The English version will be available very soon, sorry for the inconvenience).


Analysis can be performed on different type of sample: 

    • Gaseous sample: use of Tedlar bags or gas bottles. According to the sample concentration, it will be injected directly in the instrument (absolute quantification) or through an on line preconcentration step (MIMS).
    • Aqueous sample: Headspace analysis or use of a membrane (MIMS) allowing the pervaporation step.
    • Solid sample: Study of material degradation for several heating conditions (temperature gradient or isotherm) and several matrices (N2, N2+O2, air…).



Highly exhaustive Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) measurements : Possibility to do complex diagnostics of unknown samples or monitoring of one or several compounds concentration over a long period. Instrument assets:

Real timescreening: full mass spectrum every second (monitoring).

Screening: characterization of non-expected compounds of an application.

Characterization: identification and quantification (with or without calibration) of detected species.


Interpretation of results: Our experts can help you to interpret obtained results, draw up study reports, etc.


Our experts can help you to respond to your needs and to guide you in your analysis, do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.  

Please note: services subject to device availability.


Contact us for any analytical need you might have, by filling the request form available on the following link:

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