Industrial applications:

Process performances analysis and industrial hygiene


Industrial processes characterization:

application_industryVOCs are present in many industrial processes and can cause serious sanitary problems. To provide accurate measurement of those compounds, the BTrap analyzer assesses process performances and the air quality around them.

Besides, combined with an -internally developed – gas multiplexing system the analyzer enables sequential sampling: it is able of measuring 10 sample lines (12, in option). Processes performances can therefore being measured upstream/downstream and the air quality can be analyzed in several locations of the factory.

Adequate correctives actions can be applied such as adapting the Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), setting up air pollution control systems in the right place, or decreasing the process risky raw materials.


BTrap benefits for industrial analyses:

  • On-line measurements: one measurement by second.
  • Broadbrand detection: tens of compounds detected simultaneously and screening of non-targeted compounds.
  • Multiplexing system: detection upstream/downstream of a process and in several places of a factory.


SOLYZE benefits for industrial analyses:

  • Corrosive gases online analysis possibility.
  • Very convenient process gases follow-up: real-time measurements by a small and transportable device.
  • Many different kinds of species can be detected.


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Typical applications:


Processes follow-up:


BTrap and SOLYZE are process analyzers enabling monitoring a wide range of compounds:  

  • The BTrap is really relevant for following VOCs and determining unexpected compounds in a process, thanks to its high precision.
  • The SOLYZE detects all kinds of compounds but with a lesser precision. Yet, its measurements are really interesting in cases of compounds that are not easily analyzed by the BTrap, such as corrosive gases (C2F6, HF…), very small masses compounds (H2), alkanes and so on.

Both devices are therefore complementary in the detection of compounds for all types of processes.


The SOLYZE on a process line of cell production for the solar photovoltaic industry. Click to enlarge.



Processes characterization:


Complex industrial processes can be optimized by an on-line and multipoint BTrap measurement that determines and monitors target compounds (« tracers »).

The tracers are followed in real-time thanks to the analyzer measurements by second. The BTrap wide range of VOCs detection also enables determining unexpected compounds, for a better knowledge of the process.

Besides, the process can also be assessed in several measurement points and upstream/downstream by coupling the BTrap analyzer to an automated multiport sampling device, we’ve developed. This system relies on a selecting valve, is controlled via RS-485 and a dedicated interface. The whole system is heated in order to keep the gas to analyse warm (70°C max).

The “Multiplex”


Industrial hygiene:


Measuring VOCs by BTrap in a workplace environment enables a better understanding and mapping of your staff exposure to chemical risks. Analyzing the air quality around processes is necessary for controlling and evaluating the process tightness. Those processes may include chemicals handling and processing (e.g. vulcanization, coating), cutting and hot forming (e.g. cutting, extrusion) : all those steps can be source of raw material emissions. BTrap analyzers are transportable, so they can be set up right on site for on-line characterization of those emissions. Additionally, the multiplexing system enables air sampling in several locations of the workshop.

It is then the perfect decision-support tool in order to adapt the Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), to set up ventilating, partitioning or air pollution control systems in the right place, and even decreasing or replacing the process risky raw materials.


Other applications:

      • Optimization and characterization of filtering elements in a process: trapping or removal efficiency assessment (see indoor air application).
      • Industrial releases measurements (alarm trigger…).




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