About us

We are a French instrumentation company, expert in identifying and analyzing chemical compounds in very low (trace) to high (%) concentrations. We have been present in the analysis industry since 2005, designing and manufacturing three key products: BTrap, TDflash and the Solyze. Those devices enable a very precise analysis of chemical compounds for many applications: car exhaust emissions, material degradation, indoor air analysis and so on. 

Our team

Our team is composed of instrument engineers and analytical chemists, who are specialists in the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) detection field.

Partnership with the CNRS laboratory of chemistry and physic (ICP), for their technical skills concerning the instrumental and analytical development of such instruments.



    AlyXan started as a spin-off from the French national center for scientific research, when a team from the Physical Chemistry Laboratory (LCP) in Orsay, University of Paris XI, developed a new solution : BTrap. Being specialists in gas phase ion physics, they had the idea to combine miniaturized mass spectrometry with Proton Transfer Reaction (PTR) chemical ionization.
    • The creation of the BTrap prototype was awarded in 2003 and 2004 by the French Ministry of Research, and by the Essonne County Council.awards
    • In 2009, AlyXan won a call for tender from the French army (DGA) that needed to modernise their former thermal desorber. We redesigned and improved the product, leading to the development of our current high performance TDflash instrument.
    • Further research on the BTrap innovation led to the launch of the BTrap in 2012, enabling real-time and on site analysis of VOCs.
    • In 2013, the company released the TDflash thermal desorber on the market. This device is dedicated to Gas Chromatography technology.
    • Today, we have a comprehensive offering for VOCs analysis, with both on site and laboratory devices. We have been working with a number of  companies and research centres such as BASF, Naval Group or CERTAM.


AlyXan in the media

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